Corporate Strategic Plan

2023-2026 CSP

News and Highlights:  

Progress Reporting

May 2024 

On May 13th, 2024, Township Council was presented with the Year One (2023) Annual Progress Report and received a presentation summarizing progress and key highlights within the first year of the plan's term!
The Township has als launched its  2023-2026 Corporate Strategic Plan Dashboard capturing all aspects of the plan, including status updates, (%) complete and actions taken! 

2023-2026 Corporate Strategic Plan

2023-2026 CSP CoverIn an evolving, dynamic, and complex Township, the need to manage and adapt to change has become crucial to maintaining the success of local government and the community at large. The Corporate Strategic Plan is created based on Council’s identified priorities for the existing term, which reflect the changing needs of their constituents. This plan was developed in alignment with King’s governance framework that incorporates the Township’s Vision, Mission and Values.

The Corporate Strategic Plan sets the context for guiding the Township’s long term goals within a medium term period as part of the Township’s planning hierarchy. It will clearly define obligations and commitments of the Township of King to its citizens and the public. 

On June 12th, 2023, Township Council adopted the term of Council 2023-2026 Corporate Strategic Plan! 

2023-2026 Corporate Strategic Plan

Annual Progress Reports

Reporting IllustrationThroughout the 2023-2026 Corporate Strategic Plan’s lifecycle, staff will continue to monitor and report on the progress of the plan through Annual Progress Report’s (APR) submitted to Council and the public for review and consumption. Each OKR contained within the plan has designated Township leads and teams who will also be responsible for ensuring the timely progression of all OKR’s through planned and executed actions year over year.

The Annual Progress Report will be prepared and presented to both Council and the public in the second quarter following each reporting year, until the end of Council's term. Accordingly, there will be four annual progress reports issued for this term of plan.