Building Division



NEW Farm Building Registration

Commencing April 1 2024, all building permit applications for Farm Buildings will be required to include a copy of the Ontario Farm Association membership (active) and a copy of the Farm Business Registration. 


UPDATED Inspection Booking

The inspection booking phone hot line is now deactivate. The inspection email will be deactivated in the coming months and will be reserved for submission of inspection reports only. Visit to book your inspection online.


UPDATED Permit Fees and Development Charges

2024 Permit Fees are now in effect. Cash in Lieu may be applicable to your upcoming project. Contact Finance to confirm if Development or CIL fees apply to your project.


NEW Development Engineering Approval Process

The Township of King has introduced a new Development Engineering grading approval process. To find out more about this and its impact on your building permit application visit the Development Engineering website.


COMING SOON Deck Application Video Guide

Find out how to apply for a deck by watching the new Deck Application VIDEO.  Video will be released this spring!


REMINDER Water Meter Inspections

All new and replaced water meters must be inspected prior to use. Inspection of water meters typically occurs at Insulation stage of your project and must be passed prior to requesting an Occupancy or Final inspection. Occupancy and or Final Inspection requests will not be granted until the water meter is passed.

Contact Service King at 905-833-5321 to schedule your water meter inspection.


REMINDER Approved permit documents must be on site

As per the Ontario Building Code and Building Code Act, the approved stamped permit documents are required to be onsite at all times. If the Township approved permit documents are not available at time of inspection, the site will be deemed not ready and the inspection will not be conducted. A new inspection will then need to be requested by the permit holder for an alternate date.