Agriculture is more than just an industry in King Township – it is part of our natural and cultural heritage.

6% of King's Labour Force

There are currently over 41,000 acres of agricultural production in the Township, and 239 farms benefitting from King’s fertile soil.  The agricultural sector employs approximately 6% of the local labour force.

King has a high proportion of vegetable farming, nursery and tree production and is home to 2 apple orchards.

Farm Land

Home to the Holland Marsh Specialty Crop Area

The Holland Marsh is one of two Specialty Crop Areas in Ontario and is a recognized producer of a significant percentage of the vegetables grown in the province. 

The annual value of the carrots grown in the Marsh is estimated at $130 million, the onions are worth $160 million, and the salad greens are worth $160 million. The Marsh grows enough carrots that each Canadian can eat four pounds of Marsh carrots every year.

Approximately 90% of all Asian vegetables eaten in Ontario are grown in the Marsh. Greenhouses produce vegetables and ornamental flowers year-round.

It’s estimated that the Marsh has a total economic impact of over $1 billion each year between the farm-gate value of the vegetables, packaging, processing, and transportation.

Holland Marsh Growers Associations website

Ontario Federation of Agriculture website