Kennel and Doggie Day Care Licences

Kennel and Doggie Day Care operators must obtain a licence to operate from the Township and renew the licence annually no later than April 30th. This ensures that all facilities are well maintained through inspections, and all information is up to date. Dogs older than 3 months living at a kennel must also be licenced with the Township.  Doggie daycares are required to ensure that all dogs on site are licenced where they reside, and dog licence records are easily accessible. 

For more information please review by-law 2012-175 . 

To obtain a licence from the Township to operate a kennel or doggie daycare, the operator must demonstrate that the operation meets the provisions of By-law 2012-175. The applicant must submit a completed and signed application form to the Clerks Division (, along with the required fee for a new or renewal licence, and all required documentation as noted on the application. All kennels and doggie daycares will undergo an annual inspection by Vaughan Animal Services.