Kennel and Doggie Day Care Licences

Kennel and Doggie Day Care operators must obtain a licence from the Township and renew the licence annually. This ensures that these facilities are well maintained through inspections, and all information is up to date. Dogs older than 3 months, living at Kennel locations must also be licenced with the Township.

By-law 2012-175 regulates kennels and doggie day cares. All operators of doggie day cares and kennels require an approved licence from the Clerk of the Township of King.

To obtain a licence from the Township to operate a kennel or doggie daycare, the operator must demonstrate that the operation meets the provisions of By-law 2012-175. The applicant must submit a completed and signed application form to the Clerks Division (, along with the required fee for a new or renewal licence, and all required documentation. All licences are issued on an annual basis and must be renewed by April 30th of each calendar year.