Community Seed Saving Program & Lending Library

For those who want to start a garden but don’t have seeds the Community Seed Lending Library is the first place to start. The Township of King has partnered with the King Township Public Library to offer a Community Seed Saving & Lending Program. The Seed Lending Library is available for residents to access and “sign out” seeds free of cost. The Seed Library is located in the Local History Section, lower level of the King City Branch and can be accessed during Library operating hours. Those interested in signing out seeds do not require a Library card. 

Seed Pick Up Location

King City Public Library - 1970 King Rd, King City L7B 1K9

For library operating hours please visit

Easy Steps to Save Seeds

Once your plants are mature, save the seeds! Return the seeds you save to the seed library where you will fill out a donation form with all the necessary information about the seeds. Once we have collected a variety of seeds our goal is to launch a Community Seed Library. By borrowing, growing, and returning seeds, you're helping to ensure that our community has access to an affordable, diverse seed collection.

Gather Seeds
  • If you are collecting and saving seeds from your own plants, spread the seeds on newspaper and air-dry them for roughly a week
  • Write seed names on the newspaper so that there's no mix up as to what the seeds are
  • Once the seeds are all dried, pack them into small paper packets or envelopes and label them with the plant name, the date and location of harvest! (Most seeds last for three years)
Keep Seeds Dry
  • To help keep the seeds dry, place rice grains inside the storage container with the seed packets
  • You can also add a packet of silica gel in with the seeds. Replace every six months
Where & How to Store
  • Keep seed packets in plastic food storage bags, plastic film canisters, mason jars with tight lids or paper envelopes
  • Once you have gotten your storing container, think dry and cool no matter where you store the seeds
  • Because humidity and warmth shorten a seed's shelf life, the refrigerator is generally the best place to store seeds, but make sure to keep the seed-storage containers well away from the freezer section of the refrigerator
Ready to Go
  • When you're ready to plant, remove seed containers from the refrigerator and keep them closed until the seeds warm to room temperature. Otherwise, moisture in the air will condense on the seeds, causing them to clump and stick together
  • It is important to remember that even if you are very organized and careful about storing seeds, accept the fact the some will not germinate the following year
Seed Donation Location

The Seed Saving & Lending Program relies on donations and seed savers. Participants signing out seeds are encouraged to seed save and contribute harvested seeds back to the program. If you have seeds that you would like to contribute to the Seed Saving & Lending Program, email or call 905-833-5321 to arrange a drop off at the King Municipal Centre 2585 King Road, King City L7B 1A1.

Please Note: Not all seeds are certified organic.

Additional Seed Saving Resources

Check out these online resources to learn more about seed saving: