Zoning Certificate

The Zoning Certificate process has been implemented to ensure that the required zoning and other Planning approvals are in place before submitting an Application for a Building Permit. The Zoning Examiner and Planning staff are the first contact, which ensures that projects can be reviewed for compliance with various Zoning and Planning documents prior to the submission of a “complete” Building Permit application. The purpose is to provide customers, residents, and the general public with guidance regarding the items they need to provide and meet in regard to the Township’s Zoning By-law, and any other Planning related regulations and policies before commencing the Building Permit process.

An application for Zoning Certificate will confirm that the proposed construction meets the regulations of the Township’s Zoning By-law and/or identify concerns with the proposed work. Planning staff will review the application to determine if the construction is exempt from the requirement of a Zoning Certificate or whether additional approvals are required from other departments or agencies, such as Minor Variance/Committee of Adjustment, Site Plan Approval, Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Conformity Review, Conservation Authority, and/or other Planning review.

How to Obtain a Zoning Certificate

The process to obtain a Zoning Certificate may be initiated by following the steps outlined below:

Any questions regarding the Zoning Certificate process can be directed to zoning@king.ca

How to Obtain a Conformity Clearance

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is intended to provide general information with respect to the Zoning Certificate process.