Digital Transformation Framework

In a bid to modernize and improve services, King Township has unveiled its Digital Transformation Framework. This strategic blueprint aims to leverage technology, data and innovation to elevate Township services, engage the community and streamline business operations.Digital Transformation Framework

The framework, presented to Township Council on April 29, outlines a vision to transform King into a digitally empowered community where technology is a driving force for efficiency, connectivity and prosperity.

The mission driving this framework is to deliver seamless, user-centric services that meet the evolving needs of our residents and organization.

The framework will be implemented through a two-phased approach. The first phase, which began in May 2024, lays the groundwork for the digital journey. The subsequent phase, concluding in 2025, will evolve based on insights gained during the first phase and the successes of initial projects.

Central to our framework are robust processes including policies, roadmaps, playbooks and solid internal governance structures, all supported by comprehensive training programs. These elements ensure that King is not only prepared but also proactive in adopting technology responsibly and effectively.

Digital transformation is increasingly important for municipal governments. It allows them to improve service delivery, engage citizens more effectively and make data-driven decisions. This framework represents King Township's commitment to embracing digital innovation for the benefit of its residents and the community at large.

We invite you to delve into our framework and discover our vision for a connected, efficient, and flourishing community.


Digital Transformation Framework timeline