Engineering Plans and Drawings

Engineering Plans & Drawings are a set of as-built drawings or two dimensional diagrams used to describe a place or object, to communicate building, surface structures and underground infrastructure within the municipal road allowance. Usually, plans are drawn or printed on paper, but may take the form of a digital file. 

​King Township permits the Routine Disclosure of the following Engineering Plan & Drawings:

  • ​Plan an​d Profile
  • Storm Pond Plan
  • Storm Drainage Plan
  • Sanitary Drainage Plan
  • Sanitary Servicing Plan
  • ​Landscaping Plan
  • Water Servicing Plan
  • General Servicing Plan
  • Lot Grading Plan
  • Traffic Signalization Plan
  • ​Street Lighting Plan
  • Pavement Markings Plan
  • Detailed Plan
  • Site Plan
  • General Notes

Note: All requests to disclose Engineering Plans & Drawings for Unassumed Subdivisions are to be directed to the responsible developer.

Application Fee: A $48.00 + HST fee must be paid per application and prior to the release of any documents​. Additional fees for the reproduction of hard copy documents will be charged in accordance with our Fees and Charges By-law​.

Application Form: All requests for Engineering Plans & Drawings are to be submitted to the Engineering and Public Works Department using the ​Engineering Plans & Drawings Request Form

Public Works Department

Building Department - To request permit drawings of a dwelling