Township Service Profiles

In an effort to be as transparent as possible to those who live, work and visit King - the Township developed Service Profiles detailing service offerings, types and categorizations, governing legislations, service levels and associated standards. Conceptualizing and understanding services in such a way provides increased levels of clarity on what citizens receive (and can expect) from their tax dollars. These profiles set services expectations in the current state and detail services holistically, against which performance can be measured and reported. 


Understanding and Reading Service Profiles

Service Offerings Service TypeService Level / Standards Source

Mandatory - The municipality has a statutory obligation to provide the service

Core - Direct services integral to the Township’s statutory municipal obligations. 

Provincial - The service level or associated standards are governed by provincial legislation and/or regulations.

Essential - The service is essential to business continuity and, the delivery of mandatory service offerings and core services.

Ancillary - Direct services that are important for the Township to achieve its desired outcomes and priorities to meet citizen needs. 

Council Approved - The service level or associated standards are governed by a Council approved by-law, corporate policy, or directive. 

Discretionary-  The municipality is not mandated to provide the service but may be Council directed or service traditionally provided.  

Support - These wholly internal facing services provide support to or enable the delivery of municipal services. 

Administrative - The service level or associated standards are governed by the administration. 

Service Offering Defined Service Level Defined Service Standard Defined

A service commitment offered or provided by the Township. A service offering may include one or more commitments, each with their own level of service. 

The level of commitment (i.e., scope of work, availability, frequency etc.), specific requirements and operating parameters relating to Township service offerings. 

Provides clarity on specific expectations or standards that can be consistently expected from citizens, in relation to a service level. Service standards establish targets to be met by the Township and inform citizens about what they can expect when it comes to service frequency or timelines. 

Headline Performance Measures 

The Township provides services that improve, in some way, the quality of life of its citizenry. Headline Performance Measures (HPMs) tell citizens the volume of work being completed by the Township (how much), and the quality of services (how well) in improving the lives of those who live, work and visit King (better off). 

HPM's will be reported annually for the preceding year.

Check out King's NEW Service Performance Dashboard which includes all HPMs reported for 2023! 


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