Lottery Licences

The Township of King issues Lottery Licences to eligible charitable organizations to raise funds for their organization's needs.

Funds raised may be through events such as bingo or raffle draws. 

Related Regulation: Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) 

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Charitable Lottery Licensing

​The Township of King issues Lottery Licences to eligible charitable organizations to raise funds for their organizations' needs.

The Towns​hip of King may issue lottery licences for the following forms of charitable lotteries: 

• Bingo events with prize boards up to $5,500.00 
• Raffles with prizes up to $50,000.00 
• Break Open Ticket events that are not conducted in conjunction with another licensed gaming event 
• Bazaar gaming events 
• Media Bingo

Charitable lottery events that exceed the above dollar values or are not eligible for a Township of King issued licence are administered by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario​ (AGCO). Starting October 26, 2020, charitable gaming licensees whose licences are issued by the AGCO will conduct all of their AGCO-related transactions online through the iAGCO web-based portal