The Township maintains a total of 677 assumed lane km’s roads; 126 km’s of gravel roads and 551 km’s of asphalt roads.

The Transportation Services Division provides and manages the following services:

  • Maintains the Township’s roads, bridges, driveway and small diameter cross culverts, sidewalks, roadway ditches, and road signs.
  • Summer Road Maintenance including annual street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, ditching, dust suppressant, gravel road maintenance (grading, gravelling), sign repairs, minor road asphalt patching, sidewalk repairs (grinding), pavement markings and rural grass cutting.
  • Winter Road Maintenance including plowing, sanding, and salting of all Township roads and sidewalks.
  • Management of inter-municipal road maintenance agreements.

For the Transportation Services Service Inventory please click the link below:

Transportation Service Inventory

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