Transportation Services

The Township maintains a total of 677 assumed lane km’s roads; 126 km’s of gravel roads and 551 km’s of asphalt roads.

The Transportation Services Division provides and manages the following services:

  • Maintains the Township’s roads, bridges, driveway and small diameter cross culverts, sidewalks, roadway ditches, and road signs.
  • Summer Road Maintenance including annual street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, ditching, dust suppressant, gravel road maintenance (grading, gravelling), sign repairs, minor road asphalt patching, sidewalk repairs (grinding), pavement markings and rural grass cutting.
  • Winter Road Maintenance including plowing, sanding, and salting of all Township roads and sidewalks.
  • Management of inter-municipal road maintenance agreements.

For the Transportation Services Service Inventory please click the link below:

Transportation Service Inventory

Gravel Roads

The Township of King oversees the maintenance of 120 lane kilometers of gravel roads, ensuring the safe and efficient travel of all road users.  Managing gravel roads requires specialized attention. The Transportation Division implements maintenance strategies such as grading, dust suppressant applications, and repairs to ensure the smooth functioning and safety of gravel roads. This approach helps address the unique challenges associated with gravel surfaces.

Winter Maintenance

In the winter season, the Transportation Division executes operations such as snow clearing, sanding, salting, and culvert snow removal/ice steaming. The division adheres to Minimum Maintenance Standards for snow accumulation, ice formation, and roadway discontinuities. A 24/7 emergency response is maintained throughout the season. The winter maintenance also includes the delivery of the Senior Snow Program, offering driveway windrow clearing to senior residents after 10cm of consecutive snowfall. The program requires an application form for new participants, and clearing is completed within 24 hours after road and sidewalk snow clearing, with allowances for delays during significant weather events.

Pothole Repairs

Swift and effective pothole repairs are a key component of road maintenance. The Transportation Service Division has implemented AI technology to effectively identify, prioritize, and repair potholes, aligning with provincial standards. Timely pothole repairs contribute to smoother road conditions and enhance overall safety.