Municipal Security Deposit and Refund Request

The Security Deposit Form is an application to submit a deposit with the Township of King as a guarantee against the municipal right of way (roadway, curb, sidewalk, boulevard, etc), adjacent properties (fences, irrigation, hardscaping, sod, etc.) and compliance with all by-laws and approved grading., as well as any clean-up of the street and adjoining streets.

When in conjunction with an application for a Building Permit, the Building Permit cannot be issued until Security Deposit is remitted and the following Security Deposit Form is received. You can complete the Security Deposit Form HERE. 

The Security Deposit will vary in amount based on the scope of the project. The three deposit categories are:

  • Decks and Sheds - $500.00
  • Minor Construction including accessory structures and small additions under 55sm - $1,000.00
  • Major Construction including all demolitions, all new dwellings, all sewage systems, and additions ro accessories over 55sm in area - $5,000.00

To be eligible for a refund of the Security Deposit all permits (including Building permits) associate with the property are closed.

When ready, you can submit your request for deposit release to 

Township staff will;

  •  First verify eligibility. If not eligible, you will be contacted to advise what is outstanding.
  •  If you are eligible, Public Works and/or Development Engineering will conduct onsite inspections of the property, municipal right of way, and adjacent properties for compliance with all By-laws and approved grading as well as cleanliness of streets.
  •  Upon successful completion of the above noted inspections, notice will be sent to Finance advising to release the funds.

Please be aware that Public Works and Development Engineering inspections are typically not conducted between the months of December through April and are weather dependent.