Yard Waste Collection

Material should be placed at the curb in paper organic yard waste bags, or open rigid containers clearly marked as yard waste, before 7 a.m. on the collection day specified in your waste calendar. Blue boxes, Green Bins, and Plastic bags are not acceptable for yard waste and will not be picked up. Grass clippings are no longer acceptable for yard waste collection. Grass clippings can be left on your lawn providing valuable moisture and nutrients to your lawn.

Residents should not include tree branches, which are greater than 100mm (4”) diameter. Use large branches for firewood. Use strong twine to bundle tree or shrub branches. Bundles must not be more than 1.5m (5’) long, no more than 22kg (50 lbs) in weight and not more than 300mm (1’) in diameter.

Leaves can be mulched and left on your lawn (simply by running your lawn mower over them two or three times) – they can be added in thin layers to your composting bin, dug directly into the garden, or composted in a separate bin or pile.

Yard Waste infographic