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The Township of King’s customer service team, ServiceKING, connects daily with the community. The team is ready to answer your call or email message and to welcome you in-person to the King Township Municipal Centre.

Here are the Top 5 topics heard this week by the ServiceKING team with links to where to find information.

Last updated: September 6

Registration for Recreation Programs

One of the popular inquiries for people in King is the Township of King’s Recreation Activity Guide.

The Guide is now available online. Fall season registration opened on September 5, 2023. Visit

King's Program Registration is now open.

Information about Taxes                             

People in King are asking for information about their tax payments. The next installment due date is September 20.

See some payment options, below. Visit for more information, including a tool for estimating 2023 taxes.

Find out where your tax dollars are invested by watching this video.

How to pay municipal taxes

Water Use and Billing Information

Residents in King want to know more about their water bills. The third-quarter billing from July to September 2023 will be issued in October and due on November 15, 2023.

Payment options for both water and tax bills include:

•    Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Program
•    Electronic Banking
•    Bank Payment
•    Mail
•    In-Person
•    Post-Dated cheques
•    Online Payments

Find water and wastewater billing information, important dates, an information sheet for new residents and a tool to help track your water usage at  

Keeping Yards Clean in King

Some King residents are concerned about unkept properties near them.

The Clean Yards By-law​ 2016-68​ sets out minimum standards for properties in the Township of King including some rules on litter, waste and property maintenance (long grass and weeds) to help ensure that properties are safe, clean and attractive in relation to adjacent properties.

If you wish to file a complaint about the maintenance of a property in your area, please contact By-law Enforcement Services by email ​ and provide the municipal address a small description of your concern and your return contact information (phone number, name and municipal address). You can also call 905-833-5321 and a ServiceKING Representative will take your details or assist you.

If you require more information about a Township park, have a concern or want to report a problem, please contact​ or 905-833-5321.

Waste Collection, Replacing Blue and Green Bins

Residents have questions about their waste collection, including yard waste, waste collection schedules and replacing a blue or green bin.

September Waste Calendar page

Visit for general information, and To report a missed waste collection or to find out how to replace green or blue bins, visit