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The Township of King’s customer service team, ServiceKING, connects daily with the community. The team is ready to answer your call or email message and to welcome you in-person to the King Township Municipal Centre.

Here are the Top 5 topics heard this week by the ServiceKING team with links to where to find information.

Last updated: Feb. 2, 2024

Property taxes and water billing information

King Township water bills for the last quarter of 2023 were mailed out recently. The due date is February 27.

New in 2024, property owners will now receive six water bills a year instead of four, for the billing cycle ending in February, April, June, August, October and December reflecting two months of usage.

Register for the Township's ebilling service to receive an electronic version of your water utility bill directly to your email. Late payments are charged 5% after the due date.

To avoid missing or late payments sign up for automatic withdrawals through the Township’s Pre-Authorized Debit Program (PAD). Download the ebilling and PAD enrollment forms online at

Property tax bills are mailed twice a year, once in January and once in June. Each tax notice has two due dates on it. King Township should have received their 2024 interim tax bill in mid-January, with the first installment due on February 21.

Snow removal information

Snowplowing occurs in priority sequence – with major roads first, followed by neighbourhood roads, and cul-de-sacs last – to to ensure that fire and emergency services are able to drive on the roads and respond to calls. Road clearing is typically completed within a 12-hour period after the snowfall is complete but can take longer during a Significant Weather Event.

King’s winter parking restrictions are in effect until April 15. On-street parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. is prohibited to allow for snow clearing. Parking your vehicle on the roadway during a snowplowing, sanding or salting event is also prohibited. Parking infractions will be ticketed $100. For more information, visit 

If you are a member of King’s senior snow removal program, here’s a reminder about the service standards you can expect from our snow removal crew following a snowfall:  

  • Windrow clearing: activated after 10 cm of snowfall 

  • Monday to Friday service (no weekends) 

  • Snow removal within 24 hours only after roads/sidewalks have been cleared 

  • Significant Weather Events may cause slight delays, and your patience is appreciated during these times. 

The program (for seniors 65 years+) has limited capacity (up to 100 participants) and is currently full for the season.  

For more information, visit 

NEW stormwater levy coming on the 2024 interim tax notice

The Township requires a new funding source for operational and capital stormwater projects, which would address aging infrastructure and would allow King to comply with Provincial Regulations regarding Environmental and Asset Management requirements.

The new funding source proposed is a stormwater management charge, which would be included as a separate but additional rate-based charge for all Township Properties, and would appear on your property tax notice.

The rate of the levy will be determined by your property's current tax rate and property value, determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

For more information please read about Stormwater Management.

2024 Waste Calendar

The new, redesigned 2024 waste calendar was delivered to residents in early December.  

The single-page flyer replaced the multi-page calendar in an effort to reduce printing costs and decrease our carbon footprint. Waste calendars distributed by all York Region municipalities share this new look.  

Missed your copy in the mail? Additional print copies are available for pick-up at all library branches, the Trisan Centre or King Township Municipal Centre. The waste calendar can also be viewed online at

For questions about waste removal, contact GFL at 1-866-421-5625 or email

Garbage tags

Need to buy additional garbage bag tags? Order them online and we’ll mail them to you, or you can pick them up from your local library branch, the Trisan Centre and the King Township Municipal Centre. For more information, visit