Water and Wastewater Billing Information

The Township of King's water and wastewater services operate under a two-tiered system. The Region of York is responsible for water supply, transmission mains, storage facilities and booster pumping stations; as well as ​​wastewater treatment and truck collection systems. The Township is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the local of water distribution systems in King City, Nobleton, Schomberg and  Ansnorveldt; as well as collection systems in  King City, Nobleton and Schomberg. 

The 2021 First Quarter (January to March) Bills were mailed April 21, 2021, the due date is May 14, 2021.
If you require a payment arrangement due to special circumstances (payment over three months with no interest or penalty), please contact the Township prior to the due date of May 14, 2021 to avoid a penalty. 


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Water Bill Information

Water Bill Payment Options

The penalty charge for a late water payment is 5% and it is added on the first day after the due date.

Water Bill Calculation

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