Water and Wastewater Billing Information

The Township of King's water and wastewater services operate under a two-tiered system. The Region of York is responsible for water supply, transmission mains, storage facilities and booster pumping stations; as well as ​​wastewater treatment and truck collection systems. The Township is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the local of water distribution systems in King City, Nobleton, Schomberg and  Ansnorveldt; as well as collection systems in  King City, Nobleton and Schomberg. 

If a property owner finds a water leak or has a meter malfunction, an adjustment to the most recent bill may be made provided the property owner shows proof of the repair and there is a notable reduction in consumption after the repair. The adjustment will be to apply the tier 1 rate to the total water consumed. If you had a leak or are eligible for an adjustment, please contact treasury@king.ca. 

The 2022 Second Quarter (April to June) Bills will be mailed July 26, 2022 the due date is August 17, 2022.
If you require a payment arrangement due to special circumstances (payment over three months with no interest or penalty), please contact the Township prior to the due date of August 17, 2022 to avoid a penalty. 


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Water Bill Information

Water Bill Payment Options

The penalty charge for a late water payment is 5% and it is added on the first day after the due date.

Water Bill Calculation

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