Employment Lands

Designated Employment Areas in All Three Villages

The Township of King Official Plan, Our King, identifies various Employment Areas in each of the three Villages of King City, Nobleton and Schomberg. The location of these Employment Areas is shown in blue on the maps, per Schedule D of the Official Plan. It is intended that the Employment Areas will accommodate the majority of job growth in the Township, anticipated to be an increase of 2,260 jobs between 2016 and 2031. The Official Plan is in effect, subject to the received appeals, more information is available on the Official Plan page.

All three of the Villages have designated Employment Areas, creating substantial opportunity for residents to live and work in the same small community. Employment Areas are planned to accommodate a range of different manufacturing, office, and complementary uses, as provided by the Official Plan. In Nobleton and King City, the Employment Areas will accommodate mainly prestige employment uses, such as offices, institutional uses, and light industrial uses in enclosed buildings. In Schomberg and within the interior portions of employment lands in Nobleton, a broader range of industrial uses are permitted, subject to criteria.

There are approximately 95 acres of prestige employment area lands within King City , approximately 10.6 acres of lands on Highway 27 are designated for business area use in the Village of Nobleton, and approximately 20 acres of highway commercial lands available for development with 1 to 10 acre serviced lots and competitive development costs available in Schomberg. 

Maps of King City, Nobleton, and Schomberg employment lands

*Maps are from the Draft Village Urban Design Guidelines, available on SpeaKING

King Business Park Sign

All three villages share the same Employment Area Design Guidelines

There are new DRAFT Village Urban Design Guidelines that have been drafted and are available for public review and comment on the Township's public engagement platform, SpeaKING. The guidelines also incorporate standards for employment area design into the draft document.