Reference Documents



Additional Residences for Full-time Farm Help

In rare instances, farming operations are eligible for an additional dwelling to house full-time farm help. These guidelines govern the establishment of an additional residence.

Site Plan Control By-law

The Township's Site Plan Control By-law identifies the approval authority for various types of Site Plan Development Applications.

Village of Kettleby Inventory of Buildings

The Village of Kettleby Inventory of Buildings provides a comprehensive description and history of those buildings in Kettleby that are considered to embody the elements of the village's cultural heritage.

Kettleby Village Design Guidelines, December 2007

The purpose of these guidelines is to help maintain the historic qualities that make up the distinct characteristics of Kettleby, drawing attention to the recognizable heritage features found in the hamlet. The guidelines are used as a reference for any existing or new developments.

Telecommunications Protocol

Although Industry Canada is the approval authority for telecommunications facilities, they encourage the establishment of protocols that contribute to the optimum siting of such facilities. This protocol is designed to provide guidance to the Township, proponents, and the public in considering proposals to locate telecommunication facilities.

Cash-in-lieu of Parkland

This by-law provides direction pertaining to the lands to be conveyed to the Municipality for parks or other recreational purposes as a condition of development, redevelopment, approval of plan of subdivision, or consent. In some cases, payment of money to the value of the lands otherwise required to be conveyed is provided. This by-law outlines these requirements.

Development Charges By-law

This by-law is administered by the Township's Building Department, and outlines the charges applicable to development and redevelopment of lands. The charges reflect the cost associated with the provision of physical and social services by the Township.