Bird Friendly City Certification

Township of King Certified as A Bird Friendly City By Nature Canada


We are happy to announce that as of March 2023 King Township has been officially certified by Nature Canada as a Bird Friendly City. This certification means that we have met the standards regarding: reducing threats to birds in King Township, protecting and restoring natural habitat, increasing climate resiliency, and actively engaging the community through education and outreach!

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"The Township of King is honoured to receive Bird Friendly City Certificate through Nature Canada's certification program. Certification is earned by creating and maintaining an environment where birds can thrive. King has done this through a variety of sustainable practices that include: developing pollinator gardens, promoting healthy bird habitats, promoting birding opportunities at Cold Creek Conservation Area, and partnering with Dufferin Marsh, a migratory bird stop-over site.  We thank Nature Canada for recognizing that King is a place where birds can be seen and enjoyed, where there is commitment to birds thriving in the future in this community."
                               - Mayor Steve Pellegrini, Township of King

Meet King Township's Official Bird!

Black Capped Chickadee


After 5 months of voting, the King Bird Team and the Township of King are proud to announce that the Black-Capped Chickadee is the Official Bird of King Township! Over 230 residents were able to chose between five different birds that they feel best represented King and had the opportunity to nominate a bird of their own choice.

The Black-capped Chickadee is a bird almost universally considered “cute” thanks to its oversized round head, tiny body, and curiosity about everything, including humans. The chickadee’s black cap and bib; white cheeks; gray back, wings, and tail; and whitish underside with buffy sides are distinctive. Its habit of investigating people and everything else in its home territory, and quickness to discover bird feeders, make it one of the first birds most people learn. Stay tuned for some exciting bird initiatives and contests in 2024 featuring the Black-capped Chickadee!