Film Permit

How to Obtain a Film Permit

To obtain a permit please apply to the Clerks Division a minimum of 30 days in advance of the scheduled filming day(s). 

Fill out a Film Permit Application and submit it to the Clerks Department. 

Please note that any of the following may require additional time consideration: 

  • ​Use of Township Roads (requires Road Occupancy Permit)
  • Use of York Regional Roads (requires Road Occupancy Permit from York Region)
  • Excessive Noise (may require a Noise Exemption - determined through Film Permit process)
  • ​Special Effects (security deposit(s) are required; and are subject to review by King Fire & Emergency Services)
  • Township property (use of parks or other facilities may require​ additional permits from the King Township Culture Dept.)

Film permit fees and security deposits must be paid before a film permit will be issued. ​ The amount of the security deposit will be determined through the Film Permit application process.

Contact Information:

​King Township Clerks Department:2585 King Road, King City, ON, L7B 1A1
​Telephone: (905) 833-5321
​York Regional Police (Paid Duty Officers)

​Telephone: (905) 830-0303
Fax: (905) 895-7264

​Regional Municipality of York Transportation Dept.​(905) 830-4444
Transportation Department

​Post-secondary student projects may be exempt from film permit fees. Please contact the Clerks Division for more information.