Marriage Licence and Civil Marriage Ceremonies

The Clerks Division provides marriage licence and civil marriage ceremony services. Both marriage licence and civil ceremony services require an appointment.  

ServiceOntario online marriage licencing


The Township of King now offers a convenient online application system for marriage licences in partnership with ServiceOntario. It's quick, easy and convenient!  Ontario's online marriage licence application system is being introduced through a phased-in implementation, with province-wide expansion targeted by early 2025. 

Step 1: Applicants wishing to receive their marriage licence from the Township of King must now complete an application on-line via the ServiceOntario portal.  Important: If you have been previously married and had a foreign divorce, please contact ServiceOntario (see below) for the required authorization letter.  Identification must also be provided in English, or be supported by a translation by an authorized translation service.

Step 2: Applicants will be contacted by the Township of King to schedule an in-person appointment at the Township Office to provide their original documents, sign for and pay for their licence. To schedule an appointment  to book a civil ceremony, please contact the Clerks Division at (905) 833-4069 or email .  Please note that we require 2-3 business days to review and process marriage licence applications. 

Before submitting a marriage licence application, it is essential that you have a scheduled date and location for your marriage ceremony. 

Please note that the Township of King is one a few municipalities participating in the new online application program.  Many other municipalities/cities are also issuing licences outside of the pilot program. 

ServiceOntario link to online marriage licencing:  CLICK HERE TO START YOUR ON-LINE APPLICATION

2024 Fees: Marriage Licence (resident):​        $192.00 (tax exempt) 
                   Marriage Licence (non-resident): $225.00 (tax exempt)

                   Civil Marriage Ceremony Municipal Centre (resident):        $313.00 (HST extra)
                   Civil Marriage Ceremony Municipal Centre (non-resident): $450.00 (HST extra)

Please refer to Township of King By-law 2023-092, Schedule "B" for a complete list of fees and charges. 

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What do I need to apply for a marriage licence?