Records Management

Records management is an essential component of the Township's corporate operations and business activities. The availability of high-quality and accurate records and information to decision-makers supports the delivery of programs and services, enabling departments to be more efficient, responsive and accountable.

What are records? Records held by municipal governments are regulated by the provincial Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). MFIPPA states that, in general, the public has a right t​​o see most of these records, and to get copies of them (fees may apply). There are some specific exemptions however with regard to this access, especially regarding personal information. A record is information recorded or stored in any manner, including print, film, digital or otherwise. The content may include reports, forms, financial statements, minutes, correspondence, e-mail, maps, photographs and more.

The Township's Records Classification and Retention By-law 2019-089 is an important tool in maintaining accountability and managing the Township's electronic and paper records so that information is readily available to those who require it, and is destroyed when it is no longer needed. ​

Contact the Clerk's Department​ should you require any assistance trying to access municipal records.