Insurance claims

Insurance and Claims Information

If you have suffered an injury or have sustained damage to your personal property as a direct result of activities or services provided by the Township of King, and wish to file a claim for your damages, the following information will guide you through the process.

Please note that the Township is legally liable for your damages and or injuries ONLY if you can provide evidence that the Township committed a negligent act or omission that resulted in the damage and or injury. The onus is on you to prove your claim and your damages.

The Municipal Act, 2001, places some time restrictions on submitting an insurance claim including those involving a slip and fall. Such incidents must be reported to the Township of King within 10 days of the incident in order to be considered. To ensure that your claim does not fall outside of the 10 Day Notice Period, in all circumstances, please submit your claim.

To file a claim, please review the below information and hit the start button under File a Claim.