Property Signs (911) Address

Property owners are required to display a municipal street address at every improved property. The reflective green and white property identification signs are recommended for rural properties as they can be easily seen at night.  It is highly recommended that signs also be installed at vacant rural properties as well. 

​How to Purchase a Property Identification Sign:Number Sign Example

Property Identification Sign Request


The green and white property identification signs are often called "911 signs" as they are recommended for use as part of the 911 Emergency System. Your "emergency number" and "municipal address" are one and the same.

It is also mandatory to display a municipal address on properties in urban areas. The green and white signs may be used, but other types of numbers may be placed on the building. Such numbers must be visible from the road and illuminated at night. For emergency services it is most important that your municipal street address is visible day or night, and not be blocked from view by trees or shrubbery.