Taxes and Assessment

2021 Final Billing Dates

The Tax By-law (By-Law Number 2021-053) was passed by Council establishing the tax due dates.

The 2021 Final Tax Notices will be mailed in June 2021. 

Property Class

Final Tax Notices Mail out

1st Instalment
due date

2nd Instalment
due date

Residential / Farm

June 2021

July 21, 2021

September 22, 2021

Commercial / Industrial

June 2021

July 21, 2021

September 22, 2021

Failure to receive a property tax notice does not eliminate your responsibility from payment and/or penalty due to late payment.

2021 Tax Notice Flyer

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    Tax Calculation

    Tax Rates

    How are property taxes assessed?

    Payment Options

    The penalty charge for late payment of property taxes is 1.25% per month on the unpaid balance. The penalty is added on the first day of each and every month during which the default continues.

    Supplementary Taxes

    Tax Relief

    New Homeowner Information Guide