Street Sweeping

2023 street sweeping update

The Township of King begun its street sweeping program on April 6. Sand and debris are swept from King’s roads to prevent materials from clogging the storm sewers and to provide a safe and clean roadway for all users.  Sweeping is currently ongoing in Nobleton. 

Debris accumulated over the winter season is swept from King’s paved roads. The street sweeping program includes the following dates in the following areas.

  • King City: April 6 to 17
  • Nobleton: April 18 to 25
  • Schomberg: April 26 to May 1

The dates may vary, depending on weather.

Tips for residents

  • Do not park on residential streets during street sweeping operations.
  • While street sweeping is underway, there may be some noise and dust.
  • Be patient. Weather conditions may prevent street sweepers from operating.

Frequently Asked Questions