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King Township is revolutionizing service delivery and embracing the future with the official unveiling of Kingsley, a virtual assistant that transforms how users access information on the Township’s website at Kingsley is powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Microsoft Copilot Studio and works by using a type of AI called a neural network that is trained on a large amount of data, such as text or images, to learn patterns and relationships within the data to generate responses.

Located discreetly in the bottom right corner of every webpage, Kingsley is available 24/7 to enhance users’ web-browsing experience. Users can simply click the launcher icon and start a conversation as if they're chatting with a friend. Kingsley is designed to understand and respond to natural language, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience.

The perks of interacting with Kingsley:

  • seamless first point-of-contact assistance
  • instant responses to queries
  • simplified and streamlined information searches
  • interactive features, such as real-time weather updates
  • reduced wait times
  • frees up staff time to focus on more complex tasks and interactions

Kinglsey has handled approximately 500 community interactions since being piloted in May. User feedback was collected over a one month pilot, which included a consultation with King’s Accessibility Advisory Committee, and refinements were made to improve the user experience.

Improvements included adding new topics into Kingsley’s knowledge capacity, such as information regarding Traffic Calming Studies, and a feature to help residents find out who their ward Councilor is.

King Township website users have taken advantage of Kingsley’s real-time weather forecasts and also submitted a wide range of inquiries, from rules for raising chickens to permitting questions. When a query exceeds its capabilities, Kingsley can escalate it to ServiceKING via email.When a human connection is preferred, ServiceKING associates remain available during regular hours of operation via phone at 905-833-5321 and email at

King Township is one of the first municipalities in Ontario to adopt this technology to digitally empower our community. The launch of Kingsley supports the Township's new Digital Transformation Framework, a roadmap to leveraging technology and data to drive innovation, streamline processes, increase productivity, and elevate service delivery and the citizen experience. Learn more at

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