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Township Departments

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

The Chief Administrative Office provides corporate leadership in the overall management of the Township’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and two divisions. In this role, the Chief Administrative Officer reviews and approves all recommendations made to Council and Committees of Council, and manages corporate strategic planning. The Chief Administrative Officer acts as a department head to the ServiceKING and Information Technology divisions.

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for ensuring Council directives are coordinated between departments and relevant agencies, while ensuring operations within the organization are conducted within the framework of the values and goals of the Corporation of the Township of King. The CAO works closely with members of Council, staff and the community to advance council’s priorities, deliver public services and, oversee the business obligations of the Township of King. The CAO is committed to maintaining strong working relationships with all members of the community and other municipalities, in addition to various levels of government.

The current CAO of the Township of King is Daniel Kostopoulos.

About the Chief Administrative Officer 

Daniel Kostopoulos, CAO of the Township of King



Daniel Kostopoulos is a professional engineer with more than 28 years of experience in the municipal sector, with much of his career spent with York Region serving in both transportation and environmental services. Daniel served as the city manager with the City of Vaughan, directly preceding his on-boarding with the Township of King. 





Contact Information

Telephone: (905) 833-5321 Ext. 4015
Fax: (905) 833-2300
Address: 2585 King Road; King City, ON; L7B 1A1