Urban Design Guidelines

Village Urban Design Guidelines Cover PageUrban Design Guidelines are a series of statements and images that outline the types of design elements and features that will shape development in King Township. Urban design is informed by a variety of disciplines including architecture, land use planning, landscape architecture, and engineering. Building orientation and siting, streetscape design, built form massing and special locations in King Township can all be addressed through the guidelines.

Village Urban Design Guidelines

The Village Urban Design Guidelines were adopted by Township Council on December 11, 2023. 

The Village Urban Design Guidelines replace the current four separate Urban Design Guidelines for King City, Nobleton, Schomberg and the Employment Areas and includes a series of design criteria and graphics that outline the design features and elements that will shape new development in King.

The Village Urban Design Guidelines provide guidelines and design criteria for three key areas of the Township's Villages: Village Centres, Established Neighbourhoods and Employment Areas. The Urban Design Guidelines work in conjunction with other Township plans and policies, including the Township's Our King Official Plan and Zoning By-laws to support the Township’s desired urban design objectives. As such, there are matters addressed in the Guidelines which may also be implemented through other Township plans, by-laws and other guidelines.