Schomberg Community Hall update

The renovation of the Schomberg Community Hall at 325 Main St. in Schomberg is moving forward, creating an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious space.

While enduring the challenging working conditions due to the age of the building, staff continue to deal with unique challenges that require the attention of the contractor, consultant, and Township staff to actively collaborate and find effective solutions to any problem faced.

Work is continuing on site with a completion target of late Spring 2022.  

Here are some key updates:

  • The design to convert the building’s hybrid energy system (natural gas and electricity) to solely electric is roughly 95-per-cent complete.
  • Demolition is 90-per-cent complete.
  • The new slab on grade is 100-per-cent complete for new first-storey floor leveling.
  • The structural steel and floor joists are 100-per-cent complete for new second-storey floor leveling.
  • The wall framing is 65-per-cent complete and ongoing. 

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A brief history of the Schomberg Community Hall

In the early 1900's, Schomberg was known as having one of the best small town produce markets north of Toronto.  Producers came from miles distant to dispose of their commodities.

Market day was a busy day for many years.  On that day there was not enough accommodation for all at the hitching posts on the street and in the local sheds, and many farmers had to use the fairgrounds to tie their horses while they sold their produce and purchased goods with the proceeds.

In 1907 the Schomberg Market Association was formed and the Schomberg Community Hall was built. In 1922 it was decided to add a community hall to the building and a second storey was added to provide an auditorium, while the lower floor continued to be used for the market.

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Schomberg Community Hall