Building Division and Resources


The Township Of King’s Building Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code regulations to ensure minimum standards are achieved for all building construction including septic systems, change of use and demolitions.

We accomplish this this by reviewing permit applications and drawings for proposed construction; issuing building permits; conducting routine building inspections; enforcing minimum standards for non-compliance and securing unsafe buildings.

We assist homeowners, business owners, contractors, builders and design professionals during the construction and development of buildings in their efforts to achieve healthy and safe living environments by promoting excellence in design and to minimum building construction standards.

Applicable Law and Conservation

There are many external factors that may impact your project. Below is a list of common agencies you may wish to consult with prior to submitting your building permit application:

Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Program

under construction 

                                                                                                       UNDER CONSTRUCTION