The Township of King has declared a Significant Weather Event due to forecasted heavy snowfall

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Public Works

The Township of King has declared a Significant Weather Event on Jan. 25 based on Environment Canada’s forecast for significant snowfall.

Today’s snowfall is expected to be close to 20 centimetres with reduced visibility in heavy snow.
The rapidly accumulating snow will make travel difficult and isolated power outages are possible.

King’s roads crew is ready but it needs your help. Here’s how you can do your part to make sure everyone gets home safely:

  • Please don’t park on the road during the storm. This makes it extremely difficult for plows to properly clear the street and, in some cases, make the road impassable to plows. It’s also critically important to keep roads clear for emergency vehicles and school buses.
  • When our plows come to intersections, give them space as they may be turning around to finish clearing the street.
  • When plows are doing their finishing pass on the road, they must keep their speed slow to have the sand/salt mix fall in the centre of the road. Please be patient.
  • Please respect the snow clearing team by not shovelling snow onto the street and don’t place waste containers on the road.

Stay home if you don’t have to travel. If you do have to drive, here are some tips for travelling in snowy or icy conditions:

  • Don’t go out if you don’t have to.
  • Slow down and give yourself lots of extra time when coming to intersections and lots of time to get to destination.
  • Do not stop on hills and make sure you have enough momentum to climb hills and prevent sliding backwards. Feather your brakes when descending hills or downshift into lower gears to prevent over braking.
  • Top up windshield washer fluid and have a spare bottle in vehicle.
  • Make sure wipers blades are in good working order.
  • Keep spare flashlight/headlamps with batteries, blankets, winter clothing, gloves, hat and boots in vehicle.
  • Use kitty litter/sand to throw under tires for traction.
  • Keep a snow shovel/wiper brush in car.
  • Have your full lighting system on while driving.
  • To prevent ice buildup on wipers, keep your heater/defrost pointed to the floor or turned to cooler setting to prevent snow melting than freezing on wipers (when defrost is pointed at windshield during snowstorms it causes snow to freeze on wipers).