The Township of King to Consider "Site Alteration and Movement of Fill By-law and Related Amending By-laws (Height and Description of Lawful Fences (#2021-132, as amended) and 2021 Fees and Charges (#2021-001))

Public Notices and Meetings

Council of the Corporation of the Township of King will consider a staff report and Site Alteration & Movement of Fill By-law and related Amending By-laws: Height & Description of Lawful Fences (swimming pool enclosures) and 2021 Fees & Charges, by the Growth Management Services Department – By-law Enforcement Division and Public Works Department – Development Division at its Council and Committee of the Whole Meetings on:

Monday, April 26, 2021 – 6:00 p.m.

The Township of King is updating its By-laws to incorporate recent regulatory changes as outlined in Ontario Regulation 406/19.

Information and copies of the staff report will be available for review on the Township website at as of Thursday, April 22, 2021.

For further information regarding the Site Alteration & Movement of Fill By-law and related Amending By-laws for Height & Description of Lawful Fencing and the 2021 Fees & Charges, visit our website at: or contact: Nancy Cronsberry, Manager of By-law Enforcement, By-law Enforcement Division,

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Kathryn Moyle

Director of Corporate Services 

Township Clerk