Schomberg village receives ‘My Main Street’ funding boost 

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Township of King, Ont.—King Township will receive $116,000 in funding to revitalize the Schomberg Lions Parkette, a community hub in the village of Schomberg.

On Jan. 12, 2022, the Honourable Helena Jaczek, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, announced the successful applicants for My Main Street—a $23.25 million investment by the Government of Canada and delivered in partnership by the Canadian Urban Institute and the Economic Development Council of Ontario to support the revitalization of 200 neighbourhoods across southern Ontario.

My Main Street was created to help drive business and restore vibrancy to local communities across southern Ontario in the aftermath of COVID-19.

The $200,000-project at Schomberg Lions Parkette transforms the previous youth-based play area into a multi-functioning activation area including new patio space, patio seating, public art, a gazebo and amphitheatre, and power and lighting options to reimagine the site as a downtown core gathering location for everyone.

The Schomberg Lions Parkette is located off Main Street in Schomberg. The nearby Holland River is incorporated into the redesign.

About Schomberg Main Street
Schomberg Main Street is the heart of a vibrant village that takes pride in its agricultural heritage. A walkable, picturesque destination for residents and tourist alike, Schomberg’s Main Street has maintained its historic quality, while offering a mix of local services, unique shops, restaurants and beautifully preserved homes.

Mayor Steve Pellegrini

“In King, we are incredibly grateful for the My Main Street funding that will even further enhance the sense of community that is so much a part of Schomberg. As communities continue to adapt through COVID-19, this program provides support for projects that seek to revitalize neighbourhoods and reimagine public spaces as vibrant and inclusive places for everyone.

If there is a message from the My Main Street funding, it’s a reminder for us to continue to support our local merchants, in-person, online or curbside. Let’s make sure our local economy can flourish and emerge strong following the pandemic.”

Ward 4 Councillor Bill Cober

The Schomberg Main Street goals are to attract people, increase awareness of Main Street as a wonderful place to shop, dine or visit, enhance the appearance of Main Street and strengthen its business base. My Main Street Community Activator funding helps us to accomplish those goals.

The Schomberg Lions Parkette now can be more things to more people. It is a playground for children and a place where families can enjoy public space or have a meal and where future celebrations can take place.”


My Main Street is supporting 106 placemaking projects and 65 Main Street communities

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