Residents being warned to stay off stormwater ponds

Bylaw Enforcement
General News

Staff and by-law officers are reminding residents found using stormwater ponds for skating that this is prohibited and unsafe due to possible changing conditions. As indicated by the conservation authorities:

  • Stormwater ponds are designed to continuously collect stormwater from surrounding roads and neighbourhoods
  • No matter how deep into the winter or how thick the ice may appear, temperature changes and water flowing in/out can cause major variations in ice thickness
  • Air pockets are also easily formed under the surface and contaminants like salt weaken the ice

Stormwater ponds are dangerous in winterAll these factors combined, create dangerous and unpredictable conditions that put your safety at risk.

You can book ice and use the four open municipal ice pads (King City, Nobleton, Schomberg & Cold Creek). More details can be found at  and booking can be completed at