NOTICE: York Regional Forest - Nobleton Tract Controlled Burn

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The Regional Municipality of York is planning a controlled burn of a tallgrass prairie in the York Regional Forest Nobleton Tract at 5345 15th Sideroad in the Township of King.

The controlled burn is scheduled between March 15 and April 30, 2023. These carefully set and managed fires are an important restoration tool to help maintain and protect tallgrass prairie habitat. The fire burns relatively quickly to consume dried grasses and leaves but does not harm larger trees.

The areas to be burned are shaded in red, totalling 8 hectares (19 acres) and should take between one to three hours to complete. York Region is monitoring site and weather conditions to determine the ideal window of time for the burn to be conducted. A controlled burn was successfully held in April 2022 at the same location.

Conducting controlled burns two years in a row helps promote desirable plant growth and further controls undesirable invasive and non-native plants.

Under ideal weather conditions, smoke from the controlled burn will rise without impacting surrounding properties. Changing weather conditions could lead to smoke temporarily reaching nearby residences. It is recommended residents close windows, doors and fire dampers as a precaution and anyone sensitive to smoke is encouraged to stay indoors at the time of the burn.

York Region worked with Tallgrass Ontario to establish this tallgrass prairie which is home to many insects and animals particularly migratory birds and pollinators. These unique forms of grassland habitat are not only rare in Ontario and globally at risk, but they are also an important part of Ontario’s natural and cultural heritage.

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