Notice of Public Meeting January 31, 2022 Re: 3653 and 3655 Lloydtown-Aurora Road; File No. Z-2021-13

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The public are invited to remotely attend the Virtual Public Planning Meeting to receive information and provide comments on the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment application, concerning a property located at 3653 and 3655 Lloydtown-Aurora Road,  submitted to the Township of King in accordance with Section 34 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter P.13, as amended.

Subject Property

Location:       3653 and 3655 Lloydtown-Aurora Road, Conc. 5, Part Lots 27 & 28 (65R2204, Part 4)

Owners:        Capobianco/Turner

Agent:           Heath Purtell-Sharp, Groundswell Urban Planners          

File Number:   Z-2021-13

Staff Report:  The staff report will be available at on the Thursday prior to the meeting date.

Link to public meeting notice.