King Township’s vehicle fleet is getting greener

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King Township’s vehicle fleet is getting greener

King Township continues to show leadership when it comes to fighting climate change with the purchase of two fully electric vehicles to add to its vehicle fleet.

Two white 2021 Hyundai Konas were purchased this year. One will be used by King Township Fire and Emergency Services Fire Inspectors and the other by the Community Services King Township's new electric vehicledivision.

These are the first fully electric vehicles in King’s fleet as the Township transitions to a green fleet over the next nine years.

“I’m proud that we are taking concrete actions to lower our emissions, protect our environment, fight climate change and move to a more environmentally sustainable fleet,” said King Township Mayor Steve Pellegrini. “We’ve always prided ourselves on our commitment to protecting the environment, whether it is through our Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, the adoption of our green development standards or our recent declaration of a climate emergency. However, words on paper are never enough, which is why we are greening our fleet with each new purchase.”

The vehicles utilize newer Hyundai technology that includes a heat pump within the engine to help winterize the vehicles to prevent additional battery drainage in winter and colder climates. The vehicles have a range of up to 415 km on a single charge.

King is also in the middle of drafting a Climate Action Plan. It’s a community-wide plan to best mitigate, adapt and improve resilience to the effects and impacts of climate change on a local level both in the near and far term. This plan aims to provide a framework of future priorities, actions, studies and pilots.

For more information on the plan, watch two recent webinars and provide feedback please visit