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King City, Ont.—King Township’s winter maintenance crews are continuing to work hard clearing the close to 30 centimetres of snow dropped by Monday’s storm.

The crews are responsible for clearing over 320 kilometres of roads and almost 80 kilometres of sidewalks. The fleet includes two graders, 12 plows—complete with sand and salt units—four pickup trucks with plows and three contracted sidewalk plows.

King is still in a Significant Weather Event. This will be lifted once all the routes have been plowed and sidewalks have opened up. Once a Significant Weather Event has been declared, King has up to 72 hours after the storm has stopped to get the roadways done.

Sidewalk clearing continues to be a challenge due to the amount of snow that accumulated. King is switching its machines over to blow snow to help mitigate the problem of snow that has been pushed onto roads and sidewalks.

Seniors who have signed up for King’s driveway clearing program have had their driveways cleared once already. A second clearing will take place when the crews get around their routes again.

Cul-de-sacs will also be done again today. Due to varied shapes, sizes and presence of centre islands, cul-de-sacs require specialized snow removal procedures.

Residents are advised that King does not clear the ends of driveways, so please do not push snow onto the roadways or sidewalks. This is an offence under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, Section 181.

Please remember not to park on the roads since this affects our ability to properly clean up roadways.

King thanks residents for their patience as we help make the roads and sidewalks safe for travel.

For more information on snow removal in King, please visit

Residents are being warned to not skate on stormwater management ponds. While your local stormwater pond may look like a great place to have a game of pick-up hockey or a leisurely skate, don’t be fooled. These ponds have a specific job, and that’s to continuously collect stormwater runoff from neighbourhoods.

Because of this function, they are designed to have water flowing in and out of them all year long (from rainfall and snowmelt), making them an unsafe place to play.

No matter how deep into the winter or how thick the ice may appear, temperature changes can cause major variations in ice thickness. Air pockets are also easily formed under the surface and contaminants like salt weaken the ice. All these factors combined, create dangerous and unpredictable conditions that put your safety at risk. For more information, please visit

Instead of stormwater ponds, you can now skate on three of King’s four outdoor rinks.

  • King City: Memorial Park, 25 Doctors Lane
  • Nobleton: Nobleton Sports Park, 15 Old King Road
  • Cold Creek Conservation Area: 14125 11th Concession, Nobleton

Please visit for the most up-to-date status of the rinks, as well as schedules for public skating and shinny.

Mayor Steve Pellegrini

“It isn’t every day that we receive so much snowfall in such a short time. Thank you to all the snow crews in King for your hard work in getting the roads and sidewalks ready to help us get around the Township safely. To residents, please be patient while the snow is cleared after this Significant Weather Event.”

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