Investigations lead to fines in illegal dumping cases in King


Township of King, Ont. — Three separate investigations into illegal dumping in King Township by Bylaw Enforcement officers have led to almost $1,000 in fines being levied.

In the first case, a Bylaw Enforcement Officer investigated a case of illegal dumping of garbage on the 7th Concession near the King-Vaughan Townline in April. Using several investigative tactics, a Bylaw Enforcement Officer was able to identify the suspect. The suspect, a man living in Vaughan, was contacted and admitted to the illegal dumping. He was issued a $305 fine under the Township’s Clean Yards bylaw.

The second case happened in May near the same location on the 7th Concession. In this case, someone dumped yard waste, including freshly cut Manitoba maple trees. After an investigation, a Bylaw Enforcement Officer was able to identify a vehicle associated with the illegal dumping. The owner of the vehicle, a North York man, was contacted by a Bylaw Enforcement Officer and, as in the first case, admitted to dumping the yard waste. He was also issued a $305 fine.

The third case happened at a private business in Schomberg when the owner of the business confronted a man throwing garbage in his dumpster. After a brief confrontation, the man left the scene and the owner contacted the Township’s Bylaw Enforcement Division. Through an investigation, an officer was able to identify the suspect as living in Nobleton. He too admitted to the illegal dumping and was given a $305 fine.


Mayor Steve Pellegrini

King Township

“We take illegal dumping seriously in King. Thank you to the members of our community for being vigilant, reporting what they saw and providing key pieces of information and evidence. Due to the thorough investigative work by the Bylaw Enforcement team, we are sending a message that we will take the time and effort to make sure those treating King like a garbage dump are going to pay the price.”

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