Municipal Water Connections

Municipal sewers are available in some parts of Schomberg, King City, and Nobleton. 

Private Side Connection:

If you have any questions or inquires with regard to the private side connection and installation of your Building Sewer and Building Drains, please contact the Building Department at 905-833-5321.

Public Side Sanitary Sewer Connection:

If you have any questions or inquires with regards to connecting to a municipal sewer, the Nobleton Sanitary or King City projects, please contact the Public Works Department:

An application and municipal consent is required to connect to any municipal service.  In most cases, the municipality will construct the service, once it is approved, and recover 100% of the costs from the applicant. 

Municipal Water Service Connections:

Municipal drinking water systems are available in parts of King City, Nobleton, Schomberg and Ansnorveldt.  If you have any question or inquiries with regard to connecting to a municipal drinking water system, please contact the Public Works Department:

For general water/wastewater inquiries please contact Service King at 905-833-5321 or

Safety - Foremost And Always:

With the emphasis on trench safety - please see the Construction Safety Association of Ontario's web site for information on safe trenching procedures:

​Construction Safety - Trenching Safety

Reference Documents:
Ontario Building Code - Plumbing Part 7