Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure troubleshooting guidelines

There may be times where residents experience low water pressure. It is important to differentiate between issues that may be caused due to the Township’s water distribution system and issues that may exist within each property.

In almost most cases, low water pressure is caused from within the property. We encourage all residents of King to review the below troubleshooting guideline before contacting ServiceKing.

  • If the low water pressure is isolated to a specific fixture in the home (i.e. a specific showerhead or sink), it is likely due to an issue in the fixture itself.
  • Check to see that the main water shut-off/isolation valve is in the fully open position. This valve is often located in the basement where the water line enters the home, next to the water meter. See pictures below.

  Low water 1   

  • Do you have a water treatment system (osmosis, water softener, cartridge filter, etc.)? If so when was the last time the system has been serviced or cleaned? These types of systems should be serviced on a regular basis per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Residents with water treatment systems can run a fixture (i.e. hosebib or laundry sink) which is located before the treatment system or bypass the treatment system, if a bypass has been plumbed in. If water pressure is normal than the resident will know the issue is due to the treatment system.
  • Treatment systems can also cause low water pressure while in backwash or cleaning cycles. If this is the case homeowners may want to reschedule these cycling times to when water demand is low within the property.
  • Do you have an irrigation system? Is the problem only happening while the irrigation system is running? If so, this may be an indication that the irrigation system is oversized for the water service that currently exists. Residents can contact King Township to have their water service upsized up to property line, by contacting bldsubmissions@king.ca. The resident would then be responsible to hire a plumber to complete the new service and meter installation on the private side.

For any further questions please contact ServiceKing at 905-833-5321 or by emailing serviceking@king.ca.