FoodCycler Pilot Program

Join King Township and help tackle in home food waste by piloting an innovate FoodCycler in your home to help divert food waste. Please note supplies are limited.

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FoodCycler Pilot Program

The Township of King has partnered with Food Cycle Science to establish a pilot program that would allow for 100 FoodCycler machines to be purchased by residents of King Township at a discounted cost of $150 plus HST (FC-30 Model – Regularly $500) or $300 plus HST (Eco 5 Model – Regularly $800) in exchange for recording their usage over the course of the program. Once the pilot program is complete, the FoodCycler machine is yours to keep!

Food Cycler Info GraphicComparing two food Cycler Machines


Did you know that up to 50% of household waste is composed of food waste? By helping your municipality address food waste, you are supporting your community’s environmental initiatives, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Steps for Food Cycler


Not much! Purchase a FoodCycler™ from  King at a subsidized cost, track your use once a week for a period of 12 weeks and then answer a brief exit survey.

For more information please click and read through the King FoodCycler Municipal Guide