Environmental Stewardship

Go GREEN with the Environmental Stewardship Team

The Environmental Stewardship Division of the Community Services Department works with communities, groups and individuals to promote sustainable living, environmental protection and education throughout the municipality. We work to develop community programs and initiatives to increase environmental awareness, engage the community in environmental projects and establish new partnerships. Township staff offers assistance with project development and coordination, fundraising and marketing.

Ongoing Projects
  • Delivering community education programs and workshops in partnership with various organizations
  • Subsidizing compostable food service products to community groups
  • Tall Grass Prairie Restoration initiative
  • Reducing mowing by increasing naturalization through tree, shrub and wildflower plantings
  • Terrestrial invasive species monitoring and mapping throughout King Township
  • Increasing educational signage throughout the municipality
  • Enhancing existing and creating new habitats for pollinators in parks, gardens and naturalized areas to support our Bee City Certification & Mayors Monarch Pledge
  • ​Identify new environmental funding opportunities

To learn more about the Township's Greening Initiatives or to find out how you can help, call 905-833-6555 or email environmentalstewardship@king.ca.

Greening Initiatives