Update: Nobleton Drinking Water System

Public Works

Recently, King Township was made aware of some misinformation being shared with regards to the safety of iron levels in Nobleton’s drinking water system. In light of this, Mayor Pellegrini is sharing a letter received from Dr. Barry Pakes, Medical Officer of Health for York Region, addressing this issue.

As a key takeaway, there is no evidence that concentrations of iron commonly present in food or drinking water constitute any hazard to human health. Rather, it is considered an aesthetic issue that may impact the taste, odour or appearance of the water. 

King is thrilled to share that the upcoming Nobleton Water Treatment Plant Project, developed in partnership with York Region, will reduce the iron and manganese content and improve the aesthetic of Nobleton’s water. Construction of the plant is anticipated to begin in late 2025 and be complete by 2027.  

Regular updates will be shared with residents as they become available.  

Click here to download a PDF of the letter. Letter from York Region