‘Saved by the Beep:’ Testing Smoke Alarms Can Save Lives 


Ontario’s Fire Marshal says 133 fire fatalities in 2022 could have been prevented.

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023, is Ontario’s first ‘Test Your Smoke Alarm Day.’

According to Ontario Fire Marshal Jon Pegg, there were 133 fire fatalities in Ontario in 2022, the most in 20 years. The Ontario Fire Marshal said these deaths may have been prevented if there were working smoke alarms and a well-practised home fire escape plan.

Led by the Ontario Fire Marshal and supported by fire departments and community partners across Ontario, King Fire and Emergency Services is helping to promote this fire safety initiative.

King Fire has been reaching out to community businesses and organizations to partner in promoting this initiative. They are also asking elected officials to participate.

Fire Chief with Saved by the Beep sign

King Fire has made an 8’ x 5’ sign on a trailer bed provided by King City Trailers with production by Motive Media. King Fire is moving the trailer to different locations across the Township, and is also using retractable banners, posters, brochures and stickers to increase awareness.

Everyone is invited to take a selfie with King Fire’s sign or banner and to take a photo of themselves and/or family members testing their smoke alarms and post it to social media using the hashtag #SavedByTheBeep. The Instagram tag is @ONFireMarshal.

For more information, visit Fire Marshal Announces ‘Test Your Smoke Alarm Day’ and savedbythebeep.ca.