King urges residents and businesses to get building permits for construction projects

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Planning on starting a construction project? Contacting King Township about the need for a building permit can help avoid delays, disappointment and potential financial penalties.

“If you plan to begin a construction project, King Township recommends you contact the Growth Management Services Department in the early planning stages so we can assist to identify all required steps thereby avoiding potential delays and disappointment,” said Peter Lavrench, Chief Building Official “There may be restrictions and limitations that your property is subject to and therefore might affect the size and scope of your project.”

If you are unsure whether your project requires a building permit, please contact the Building Division. It is the property owner's responsibility to obtain a building permit prior to construction launch or alterations.  Some possible consequences of building and constructing without a building permit:

  • Structures built not in compliance with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code
  • Increased permit fees
  • Penalties under the Building Code Act and Provincial Offences Act
  • Zoning Bylaw infractions will be reviewed by By-law Enforcement
  • Conservation Authority offences and Restrictions could result in enforcement and removal of the construction
  • Construction done without a valid building permit will likely affect the resale of the property

Likewise, if you become aware of illegal construction please contact the Building Division at or 905-833-4098.

For more information, including how to submit building permit applications online, please visit


Media contact

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