King Township’s economy under the spotlight: the York Region Employment Survey

Economic Development

The annual York Region Employment Survey is now underway, offering local businesses in King Township a valuable opportunity to contribute to the shaping of their economic landscape. This survey—a crucial tool for understanding and monitoring local industry and employment trends—plays a vital role in informing policies, programs and investments at both local and regional levels.

The online survey is now open and can be accessed here. Businesses are encouraged to participate and make their voices heard for the betterment of the local economy.

York Region’s first region-wide employment survey occurred in 1998. Between 2001 and 2006, the annual survey targeted only key areas of employment, high-growth and regional centres. In 2014, a partnership was entered with the nine local municipalities—including King Township—to complete a comprehensive region-wide survey of all businesses.

Door-to-door interviews with the business community are conducted by a team of surveyors between May and August. Secondary methods of contact include telephone interviews, e-mail correspondence and online survey submissions.

One of the key benefits of completing the York Region Employment Survey is the opportunity to receive a free listing in the York Region and King Township Business Directory. This listing not only enhances visibility but also adds up-to-date information about the business to York Region's largest business directory, aiding in marketing local business sectors.

By participating in the survey, businesses not only contribute to the development of effective business attraction and retention strategies, but also help ensure that municipal services are delivered efficiently and effectively. The data gathered from the survey is instrumental in updating and developing strategies and initiatives to support local businesses, making it a key instrument for business growth and sustainability in the region.

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