King is prepared for winter snow and ice


King is geared up and ready to tackle the snowSnow plow and ice this winter.

Our winter maintenance crews are responsible for clearing over 320 kilometres of roads. The Township's fleet includes two graders, 12 plows—complete with sand and salt units—and three contracted sidewalk plows.

King will remove snow from roads when severe accumulations affect two-way traffic and the ability for on-street parking. This may take several days after accumulations occur and is performed on a priority basis.

First priority is given to commercial areas and areas where safety is a concern.

Residents are reminded to avoid parking on the street and from obstructing the sidewalks so that snowplowing and snow removal crews can operate effectively.

Some snowstorms last many hours or have initial freezing rain that turns into snow. In these conditions, a re-plowing of priority streets may be required to maintain traffic safety. Re-plowing may occur before road crews can move on to other local streets. The priority of snow clearing is based on Minimum Maintenance Standards Regulations.

Class of Road

Total Snow Accumulation

Time to Clear

Arterial Roads

8 cm

12 hours


8 cm

16 hours


10 cm

24 hours

Due to varied shapes, sizes and presence of centre islands, cul-de-sacs require specialized snow removal equipment and procedures. The Township road system currently contains many cul-de-sacs and we understand the frustration that can occur for affected residents.

Most routes are completed within a 12-hour period. Clearance times may be longer when snowfall is exceptionally heavy, there are complications due to freezing rain, many cars are parked on the street or crews are working during peak traffic times. In accordance with Ministry of Labour Regulations, drivers cannot work more than 13 hours without a rest period. This can impact snow clearance time.

It is against the Highway Traffic Act to blow snow onto the roadways.

Please remove all things from within the Township’s right of way (33 feet from the centre of the road in rural areas,  up to water shut-off valves in subdivisions). This includes things like basketball nets, hockey nets, landscaping stones etc.

When our plows come to intersections, please give them space as they may be turning around to finish clearing the street.

When plows are doing their finishing pass on the road, they must keep their speed slow to have the sand/salt mix fall in the centre of the road. Please be patient.

Driving tips for winter/icy conditions:

  • Leave lots of space between yourself and other motorists. Remember to feather your brakes instead of braking aggressively.
  • Leave early and give yourself time.
  • Downshift into a lower gear when coming down hills and into corners.
  • When climbing hills get enough speed to get up. Do not stop in the middle of the hills.
  • Keep cat litter or a pail of sand in your trunk to use for traction under your tires if you get stuck on ice or in snow.
  • Keep extra blankets/clothing/gloves/hat, flashlights with extra batteries and a snow shovel in your car.

For more information on snow removal in King, please visit