Staff Directory



Andrew Ocampo

IT Business Systems Analyst
905-833-5321 ext. 1036

Angelo Callisto

Supervisor of I.T. Business Systems

Ann-Marie McCallum

GIS Supervisor

Barbara Harris

Manager of Information Technology

Cara Santoro

Strategic Policy Coordinator

Daniel Kostopoulos

Chief Administrative Officer

Fabrizio Chiatto

Network Systems Analyst

Jennifer Caietta

Manager of Strategy & Transformation / Council Liaison

Meghan Ditta

Supervisor of Strategy & Transformation

Rafik Said

GIS Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 4109

Ryan Kortko

IT Desktop Support
905-833-5321 ext. 1035

Teresa Barresi

Executive Assistant to the Mayor

By-law Hotline


By-law Hotline

By-law Enforcement Division

Community Services


Adam Viola

Active Living and Aquatics Supervisor
905-833-5321 ext. 4108

Adam Nugent

Manager of Facility Services
905-833-5321 ext. 3012

Alex Milani

Project Manager - Facilities

Amanda Hicks-Whitty

Manager of Recreation, Community and Culture

Angela Webster

Special Events Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 1053

Anthony Turosky

Recreation Coordinator - Active Living

Brennen Filice

Manager of Capital Services
905-833-5321 ext. 1043

Candice Da Silva

Cold Creek Site Operator

Chesney Alexander

Booking & Events Coordinator

Chris Fasciano

Director of Community Services

Cory McNeil

Recreation Coordinator - Outdoor Education

Dori Wilner

Recreation Coordinator - Camps & Inclusion
905-833-5321 ext. 6563

Erika Baird

Supervisor, Heritage & Cultural Centre
905-833-5321 ext. 2902

Erin Burford

Recreation Coordinator - Programs
905-833-5321 ext. 6557

Gavin Tanner

Facility Maintenance Supervisor
905-833-5321 ext. 3008

Johnathan Bell

Recreation & Business Services Supervisor

Kathryn McLellan

Environmental Stewardship & Outreach Coordinator

Kristi Kukk

Heritage & Cultural Programs and Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 2907

Kyle Brett

Manager of Parks and Forestry

Laura Campbell

Environmental Outreach & Sustainability Supervisor

Leora Jakob

Business Systems Coordinator

Liza Mallyon

Collections & Exhibit Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 2905

Mackenzie Brown

Marketing, Advertising & Sponsorship Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 4102

Mallory Pevide

Administrative Clerk
905-833-5321 ext. 4047

Sabrina Guvenc

Climate Change Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 4080

Scott Donald

Manager of Fleet Services

Steve Roesch

Environment and Sustainability Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 4107

Corporate Services


Denny Timm

Township Clerk

Diane Moratto

Administrative Clerk - Council/Committees

Donna Kell

Manager of Communications and Public Engagement
905-833-5321 ext. 1044

Jackie Lowe

Payroll Clerk

Jacqueline Brown

Admin. Clerk - Clerks Service Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 4036

Jason Ballantyne

Communications Officer

Jodi Mancini

Manager of Human Resources

Luisa Abhaypal

Senior Human Resources Advisor

Robert Adshead

Corporate Information Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 4038

Suzanne Cudnik

Administrative Clerk - Licensing and Public Services

Tatta Srinivasa

Records Manager

Finance Department


Ana Filippetti

Accounts Payable Clerk

Bonnie Catania

Finance Clerk - Tax/Water

Christel Gregson

Manager of Revenue/Deputy Treasurer
905-833-5321 ext. 1078

Christine Jaffrey

Finance Clerk

David Munro

Manager of Budgeting & Financial Reporting - Deputy Treasurer

Jadie Lui

Financial Analyst
905-833-5321 ext. 1041

Jenny Lee-Lui

Financial Analyst

Karen Wootton

Taxation & Assessment Analyst

Kimberly Algar

Finance Clerk - Tax/Water

Peggy Tollett

Director of Finance & Treasurer

Zoe Ding

Purchasing Coordinator

Growth Management Services


Adriana Lorini

Permit Administrator II

Adriana Bozzo

Planning Technician/Secretary Treasurer
905-833-5321 ext. 4106

Alexander Gambin

Planner I
905-833-5321 ext. 4110

Aloma Dreher

Senior Policy Planner
905-833-5321 ext. 1004

Andrew Quattrociocchi

Chief Building Official

Christian Milani

Bylaw Enforcement Officer

Colin Pang

Planner II/Heritage Coordinator

Conrad Drag

Bylaw Enforcement Officer

David Lightheart

Building Inspector

Felix Chau

Planner I
905-833-5321 ext. 1018

Gaspare Ritacca

Manager of Planning & Development

Jamie Smyth

Manager of Economic Development

Jennifer Roos

Permit Administrator II

Kelly Earley

Zoning Examiner

Kristen Harrison

Manager of Policy Planning

Mercedes Lato

Schomberg Main Street Event & Marketing Coordinator
905-833-5321 ext. 1049

Nancy Cronsberry

Manager of By-law Enforcement

Paul Kulyk

Senior Planner - Development

Pedro Cruz

Building Inspector

Ryan Rueckwart

Building Inspector

Ryan Costigan

Bylaw Enforcement Officer

Salvatore Agnello

By-law Enforcement Officer Level I

Stephen Naylor

Director of Growth Management Services

Whitney Hall

Bylaw Enforcement Coordinator

King Fire & Emergency Services


Andrea Ball

Emergency Services Exec. Assistant

Bob Tibbitts

Fire Prevention Officer

Heather Watson

Community Resilience Officer

Jim Wall

Fire Chief/CEMC

Nairn Robertson

Fire Prevention Officer



Adele Reid

Chief Executive Officer (Acting)
905-833-5101 ext. 2103

Kate Gibson

Manager Content & Information Technology
905-833-5101 ext. 2110

Kelley England

Manager Community Engagement & Marketing
905-833-5101 ext. 2106

Public Works


Barry Budhu

Manager of Transportation

Carolyn Ali

Manager of Development Services

Clement Sin

Development Project Manager

Colin Parks

Civil Engineering Technologist
905-833-5321 ext. 6568

Daniel Wilkinson

Project Manager - Environment

David Van Veen

Senior Project Manager

George Savvakis

Construction Inspector - Development
905-833-5321 ext. 1042

Irene Palazzolo

Administrative Clerk
905-833-5321 ext. 1032

Kyle Snell

Manager of Environmental Services

Mandy Paglia

Manager of Capital Services
905-833-5321 ext. 1029

Samantha Fraser

Director of Public Works
905-833-5321 ext. 4076

Shahab Moeini

Construction Inspector
905-833-5321 ext. 1025

Tyler Watters

Engineering Technician - Utility Coordination
905-833-5321 ext. 1040



Service King Associate

Antonietta Nicolo

Service King Associate

Maureen Wigger

ServiceKing Associate