Municipal Consent /Roadway Occupancy Requirements                     
Road Occupancy Permit - ROP

  1. Construction work and installation of any service or utility within the municipal road allowance requires municipal consent and a Roadway Occupancy Permit prior to commencement.
  2. Permission to construct or install any utility or service shall be required 6 weeks in advance of any work.
  3. Submission of an application and acceptable engineering drawings are required. The application for road occupancy / closure FORM-PW-106 can be found here. Fees and charges can be found here. Applications are to be submitted to 
  4. The Township of King, shall be notified (48) forty-eight hours in advance of any work commencing on the Township road allowance and shall be provided with, in writing, (24) twenty-four hour emergency telephone numbers for the Contractor and the Consulting Engineer or Owner. Please contact Public Works at 905-833-5321.
  5. No lane reductions will be permitted unless approval is granted by the Director of Public Works.  In order to grant this approval, a traffic management plan may be required in accordance with the Ministry of Transportation Temporary Conditions Manual.
  6. The work area shall be signed to warn traffic of the operations and must conform to either the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario “Traffic Control Manual for Roadway Work Operations” or the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario “Uniform Traffic Control Devices” manual (i.e. temporary conditions).
  7. All works shall be carried out in conformity with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  8. All disturbed areas shall be restored to original grade and cross section.
  9. All disturbed areas are to be restored to a condition equal to or better than the existing, with 100mm topsoil and sod, unless otherwise approved by the Township’s Public Works Department.
  10. All trees close to the proposed trench are to be augured to avoid any possible damage to the root system.
  11. Trenches in shoulders to be backfilled with Granular “B”, Type 1, topped with 150mm Granular “A”.  All materials are to be compacted to 100% Maximum Dry Density.
  12. Where earth backfill is allowed, it shall be compacted to a minimum of 95% of the Maximum Dry Density.

    Contact the Public Works Department by emailing or calling 905-833-5321 ext. 1040

Road Crossings

Paved Roads

All road crossings are to be undertaken by “Directional Bore” or “Auger” method unless otherwise noted. 

Auger/Bore Limits

The auger/bore limits are to be from edge of shoulder to edge of shoulder in a rural road Section and from one metre behind the curb to one metre behind the curb in an urban road section.  The void is to be grouted if the auger or bore is greater than 50mm or more than the size of the duct, cable or pipe.  All false auger/bore tunnels are to be grouted.

Open Cut (Where Permitted)

A step joint shall be provided in the asphalt in the roadway trench by saw cutting the asphalt a minimum of 300mm beyond the edge of the trench and removing the asphalt to a depth of 40mm.  The trench in the road is to be backfilled with unshrinkable fill, 0.70MPa (K-crete) to at least 1.0 metre beyond the existing edge of pavement and/or curb.  The trench shall be covered for a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours with a steel plate of sufficient strength to support traffic. The plates shall be recessed into the 300mm wide by 40mm deep step joint.  The depth of the hot mixed asphalt shall be specified by the Township of King.  All asphaltic materials are to be compacted to 97% Laboratory Density.  The joint between the existing asphalt and the new asphalt shall be routed and sealed with hot-poured rubberized asphalt joint sealing compound conforming to OPSS 1212. 

The Township of King accepts no liability for the interpreted location of the existing utilities.  The applicant shall prove the location and depth of all utilities and shall be responsible for adequate protection from damage during construction of the proposed utility.

  1. The Contractor shall maintain in effect liability insurance of not less than $5,000.000 including the Township of King as a named insured and shall indemnify the Township of King against and hold it harmless from any and all liability for damages on account of injury to persons or damage to property resulting from or arising out of or in any way connected with the presence of the Owner, its servants, agents or employees, and persons duly authorized by the Owner, on the Township’s road allowance and shall reimburse the Township of King for all costs, expenses and any loss incurred by it in consequence of any claims, demands and causes of action which may be brought against it arising out of the presence of the Owner, its servants, agents and employees, and person duly authorized by the Owner, on the Township’s road allowance.
  2. A Certificate of Insurance, including the Township of King as a named insured, shall be submitted to this office prior to commencing any work in the Township road allowance. 
  3. The applicant shall file a “Notice of Project” with  the Ontario Ministry of Labour prior to commencing any work on Township’s roads for works exceeding $50,000.00 and a copy of that notice shall be submitted in the office.
  4. Approval is conditional upon the work being completed within one (1) year of the date indicated on the approval letter and/or plan.  If the work has not been completed after this one (1) year period has expired, the applicant shall re-apply to this office for approval.

It is the responsibility of the Utility Company to make its contractor aware of the above conditions applicable to the proposed works.

​Half Load Restrictions

The annual half-load period to limit vehicle weights to 5,000 kgs (5 tonnes) per axle has been implemented on designated Township roads effective March 1st,  to May 31st.

Some year round restrictions apply​.

By-law Number 2017-103

Schedule F - Reduced Loads

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