Road Occupancy Permit (ROP)

A road occupancy permit is required for all activities within the municipal right-of-way. The right-of-way includes the road, sidewalk, and boulevard (from property line to property line). Some examples of activities which require a road occupancy permit include:

  • Utility companies that need to install new infrastructure or maintain existing infrastructure, including both underground and aboveground infrastructure.
  • Temporary construction access or material/equipment storage for activities on private property (ex. driveway construction, landscaping, pool installation, etc).

Municipal Consent Approval

A Municipal Consent approval letter from the Town is required for any new plant installations or maintenance work for existing infrastructure. Municipal Consent is typically required for utility projects and will accompany the Road Occupancy Permit.

Approval is conditional upon the work being completed within one (1) year of the date indicated on the approval letter and/or plan. If the work has not been completed after this one (1) year period has expired, the applicant shall re-apply to this office for approval.

Half Load Restrictions

The annual half-load period to limit vehicle weights to 5,000 kgs (5 tonnes) per axle has been implemented on designated Township roads effective March 1st,  to May 31st.

Some year round restrictions apply​. For more information please refer to the frequently asked questions below.

By-law Number 2017-103

Schedule F - Reduced Loads